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What is Combat Martial Arts?

Ninjutsu is a very effective martial art; it is designed for hard combat not sport. This system is effective and easy to learn. The techniques cover striking, locks, breaks, throws, ground fighting, multiple attacks, modern weaponry. In a very short space of time the practitioner will develop quickly into a versatile warrior capable of defending against violent attacks. Through an easy to learn and structured method of teaching, Ninja SA delivers its nine step program in a very unique way. Ninjutsu is a very practical martial art that everyone can benefit from. Our dojos have a warm and friendly vibe that makes training enjoyable. We hope to meet you at training soon!

Where can I try this CMA?

SA - Honeydew - Sensei Garth
SA - Honeydew Ninja Kids - Sensei Alex
SA - Randpark Ridge - Sensei Nathan
SA - Linden - Sensei Stuart
SA - Bloemfontein - Sensei Andre
SA - Alberton - Sensei Brett
SA - Alberton Ninja Kids - Lead by Charlene
SA - Durban - Nevin
Wales - Beddau - Sensei David
England - Wimbeldon - Sensei Daniel


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Loads of information about Ninja training, theory, strategy and traditional Ninjutsu.
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